Welcome, friends! In this quiz, you’ll be tasked with filling in the missing letters in various picture puzzles. The answers and questions vary in topic, from cute animals to musical numbers, but all of them will require a keen eye for detail. You ready to try?

1. Welcome to our Christmas Edition of the Wheel of Reward quiz! Click on “Next” to find out how to play.

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2. In order to pass this quiz, you’ll have to fill in gaps in Christmas-related words correctly.

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3. You’ll have to pay close attention to ensure you select the correct option! Some of them are out to trick you.

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4. Then, once you’ve finished everything, you’ll receive a score at the end which will let you know how many you mastered!

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5. Get ready, friends! Click on “Next” below to start your first puzzle. Good luck!

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6. Let’s kick things off with a cheerfully easy one! Which of these options fits the image perfectly?

  • Christmas Tree
  • Christmas Train
  • Cristmas Tree
  • Christmas Truth

✔️Right Answer: Christmas Tree

7. Can you uncover the hidden words?

  • Winter Wunderland
  • Winter Wonderland
  • Winter Wondreland
  • Wintre Wonderland

✔️Right Answer: Winter Wonderland

8. Can you spot the Christmas phrase?

  • Hollly Jolly
  • Holly Jollly
  • Holly Joly
  • Holly Jolly

✔️Right Answer: Holly Jolly

9. Finish the name of this Christmas movie: It’s…

  • A Wunderful Life
  • A Wonderful Lyfe
  • A Wonderful Life
  • A Wondrful Life

✔️Right Answer: A Wonderful Life

10. Can you see what’s hidden here?

  • Eight Reindeer
  • Eighth Reindeer
  • Eight Rheindeer
  • Eight Reindere

✔️Right Answer: Eight Reindeer

11. What have we here?

  • Christmas Elf
  • Christmas Elfs
  • Christmas Efl
  • Cristmas Elf

✔️Right Answer: Christmas Elf

12. What Christmas phrase is hidden here?

  • Peace Love And Joy
  • Piece Love And Joy
  • Peace Love Adn Joy
  • Peace Luve And Joy

✔️Right Answer: Peace Love And Joy

13. What tasty treat have we here?

  • Gingerbread Huose
  • Gingrebread House
  • Gingerbread House
  • Gingerbrad House

✔️Right Answer: Gingerbread House

14. This one is heard in a famous Christmas song!

  • Snowflakes Failing
  • Snowfleeks Falling
  • Snowflakes Falling
  • Snowflakes Faling

✔️Right Answer: Snowflakes Falling

15. What romantic setting have we here?

  • Underneath the Misteltoe
  • Underneath The Mistletoe
  • Undearneath The Mistletoe
  • Underneath the Mystletoe

✔️Right Answer: Underneath The Mistletoe

16. What have we here?

  • Raw Stocing
  • Red Stokcing
  • Red Stocking
  • Red Stoking

✔️Right Answer: Red Stocking

17. Can you find the right answer?

  • Wrappin Paper
  • Wraping Paper
  • Wrapping Papre
  • Wrapping Paper

✔️Right Answer: Wrapping Paper

18. What activity have we here?

  • Snowball Fight
  • Snowball Fights
  • Snowballs Fight
  • Snowbal Fight

✔️Right Answer: Snowball Fight

19. What have we here?

  • Angle On A Tree
  • Angle On A Tree
  • Angle On A Trie
  • Angel On A Tree

✔️Right Answer: Angel On A Tree

20. This person has sang some pretty famous Christmas tunes.

  • Bing Crosby
  • Byng Crosby
  • Bing Crosbby
  • Bing Cosby

✔️Right Answer: Bing Crosby

21. Which famous song do we have here?

  • Little Drommer Boy
  • Little Drummer Boy
  • Little Drumer Boy
  • Littel Drummer Boy

✔️Right Answer: Little Drummer Boy

22. What have we here?

  • A Guiding Ster
  • A Giding Star
  • A Guideng Star
  • A Guiding Star

✔️Right Answer: A Guiding Star

23. What Christmas tradition is in here?

  • Christmas Crakcer
  • Chrystmas Cracker
  • Christmas Cracker
  • Cristmas Cracker

✔️Right Answer: Christmas Cracker

24. A time for even more celebration!

  • Hapy New Year
  • Happy New Year
  • Happy Nue Year
  • Happy New Yaer

✔️Right Answer: Happy New Year

25. What Spanish Christmas phrase have we here?

  • Felis Navidad
  • Feliz Navidad
  • Felis Navedad
  • Feliz Navedad

✔️Right Answer: Feliz Navidad

26. Who is hidden here?

  • Teh Grench
  • Teh Grinch
  • The Grench
  • The Grinch

✔️Right Answer: The Grinch

27. What’s hidden here?

  • Deck The Halls
  • Dekk The Halls
  • Deck The Hells
  • Deck Teh Halls

✔️Right Answer: Deck The Halls

28. Now we’re gonna step up the difficulty a bit. You’ll have to find the correct option from the jumbled answers below. Can you find the right one?

  • ouY eBter eB oGod
  • Yuo ettBer Eb Godo
  • You Btetr eB oGdo
  • uYo etBter Be ooGd

✔️Right Answer: uYo etBter Be ooGd

29. What present is here?

  • Lgyu rSwete
  • lUgy wtrSeae
  • gUyl teSwa
  • Gylu wsteeW

✔️Right Answer: lUgy wtrSeae

30. What tasty treat have we here?

  • okeioCs rFo ntaSa
  • Ckiesoo oFr nStaan
  • Kciseoo For Sntan
  • okCies Fro naSta

✔️Right Answer: okeioCs rFo ntaSa

31. What have we here?

  • eLvo luaytcU
  • Levo Atlyuac
  • vLoe tlyAlacu
  • Vole ylAclyat

✔️Right Answer: vLoe tlyAlacu

32. Something sweet is hidden here!

  • Hsgu And Kieske
  • uHsg nAd iKesss
  • sugH Adn eKssen
  • Hgus ndA sKssee

✔️Right Answer: uHsg nAd iKesss

33. Which singer is hidden here?

  • neaD Mtirne
  • eaDn rtiMab
  • Dane irtnMe
  • eDna rtMnia

✔️Right Answer: eDna rtMnia

34. Hmm, what have we here?

  • Snata Adn siH spoWkrpoi
  • Snaat And iHs kpoWshps
  • ntSaa nAd His kpWrohso
  • nSata dnA siH psohWkri

✔️Right Answer: ntSaa nAd His kpWrohso

35. Which band have we here?

  • hTe oPusgi
  • heT gPuseo
  • The ugusoP
  • Teh iouPgs

✔️Right Answer: heT gPuseo

36. Here’s a tough one. A German word connected to Christmas is hidden in here. Can you find the correct answer below?

  • hchtaWien
  • ctWhaneh
  • tcaiWenh
  • Wtcheinn

✔️Right Answer: hchtaWien

37. Can you find the correct answer below?

  • Boyd It sI Cdlo ieOtdsl
  • yBba tI Is loCd tuidOse
  • dyBo It Is dClou tsdiOut
  • yBab It Is dlcO Otdiese

✔️Right Answer: yBba tI Is loCd tuidOse

38. Which Christmas phrase have we here?

  • artPgeed In A eePa rTee
  • greedPrat nI A eaPe reeT
  • Ptgedrari nI A rPae eTer
  • getPdigar In A ePar eieT

✔️Right Answer: Ptgedrari nI A rPae eTer

39. Who is hidden here?

  • torSyfs heT namSwon
  • yortFs The aSwmna
  • Syfrto hTe wSmnona
  • ysFort hTe wnmnSao

✔️Right Answer: ysFort hTe wnmnSao

40. Now for you final Christmas-related test. Which option below is correct?

  • irecrFde itAsuen
  • cierFdre tnAuis
  • rreFdeic tAsneu
  • Firekcri snetAu

✔️Right Answer: cierFdre tnAuis