Celebrate Labor Day by playing this quick, entertaining and completely free game! All you have to do is complete the work-related words on the board and answer our questions. Our words are not only related to Labor Day, but also to the jobs of our favorite TV characters and celebrities! So, think you can master this game? Find out now!

1. When you’ve reached the age for leaving employment, you can do this. Type your answer in below!

✔️Type Answer: Retire

2. This is made out to employees, typically once or twice a month. Some people like to cash them! Type your answer in below!

✔️Type Answer: Paycheck

3. In the U.S., this is currently set at $7.25 per hour. Type your answer in below!

✔️Type Answer: Minimum Wage

4. The person or organization that employs people is called this! Type your answer in below!

✔️Type Answer: Employer

5. This person declared Labor Day an official holiday. Type your answer in below!

✔️Type Answer: Grover Cleveland

6. Let’s move into pop culture! Our next word was Phoebe’s profession on the TV show F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Can you figure it out? Type your answer in below!

✔️Type Answer: Masseuse

7. We’re looking for Phil Dunphy’s job on the beloved TV show Modern Family! Type your answer in below!

✔️Type Answer: Realtor

8. This is Dan Conner’s job on the TV sitcom Roseanne:

✔️Type Answer: Building Contractor

9. Leslie Knope is Deputy Director of the Parks and Recreation Department in this small town:

✔️Type Answer: Pawnee

10. Frasier Crane hosts a radio show and also practices this:

✔️Type Answer: Psychotherapy

11. George Castanza once worked as a:

✔️Type Answer: Hand Model

12. Harrison Ford once worked as this:

✔️Type Answer: Carpenter

13. Patrick Dempsey once worked as a:

✔️Type Answer: Juggler

14. Before becoming an actor, Johnny Depp sold these:

✔️Type Answer: Ballpoint Pens

15. The title of a popular song:

✔️Type Answer: She Works Hard For The Money

16. The title of this rock tune:

✔️Type Answer: Manic Mechanic

17. ‘And I need a job, so I wanna be a … `

✔️Type Answer: Paperback Writer

18. ‘I would prefer not to.’

✔️Type Answer: Bartleby the Scrivener

19. Can you complete this quote?

✔️Type Answer: All Labor That Uplifts Humanity Has Dignity

20. How many occupations can you find in this word search?

✔️Type Answer: 14