Are you in a hurry, but don’t want to miss out on a chance to test your general knowledge? This video quiz can be finished in a mere three minutes. So let’s not beat about the bush and get right to it!!

1. Let’s find out how much you know about history. Watch the video below, then click on the correct answer to the question (Who was the first president of the United States?).

  • A (Thomas Jefferson)
  • B (Abraham Lincoln)
  • C (James Monroe)
  • D (George Washington)

✔️Right Answer: D (George Washington)

2. Can you answer the geography question in the video? (The question is: what is the capital of Ireland?)

  • A (Limerick)
  • B (Belfast)
  • C (Dublin)
  • D (Cork)

✔️Right Answer: C (Dublin)

3. Are you a well-versed reader? Put your knowledge to the test by watching the video below! (Complete the quote: “‘Twas brillig, and the slithy toves…”)

  • A – “Drangled me with crinkly bindlewurdles”
  • B – “Did gyre and the gimble in the wabe”
  • C – “Religeorge too thee worled”
  • D – “The luptuous dirndle did unfrack”

✔️Right Answer: B – “Did gyre and the gimble in the wabe”

4. Physics is phun! Do you know the answer to the question in the following clip? (The question is: beyond what point must an object be squeezed for it to become a black hole?)

  • A – Schwarzschild Radius
  • B – Crackpoint
  • C – Event Horizon
  • D – Hawking Boundary

✔️Right Answer: A – Schwarzschild Radius

5. Granted, this video question is going to be a little harder than the others, but don’t worry. You’re a biology buff after all, aren’t you? (The question is: fill in the blank: Lucy, _ _ _ _ _, Daka, Bodo.)

  • A – Ndutu
  • B – Ötzi
  • C – Miles
  • D – Twiggy
  • E – Yoko
  • F – Mariette

✔️Right Answer: D – Twiggy