Answer all of the questions correctly to complete the quiz. Answer a question wrong and you will have to go back and try again. How much do you think that you know? Are you a Scary Movie expert? Can you get all of the quiz questions correct on your first try?

1. What does this man do for a living?

  • Writer
  • Plumber
  • Advertising executive
  • Home builder

✔️Right Answer: Writer

2. Why are they sitting in the dark?

  • The child’s skin is sensitive to light
  • The mother uses dark as a form of control
  • lt’s war time and there is a blackout
  • Something drained the energy from the house’s electricity

✔️Right Answer: The child’s skin is sensitive to light

3. What is this little boy’s name?

  • Mark
  • Solomon
  • Malachai
  • Damien

✔️Right Answer: Damien

4. Why was this movie so controversial?

  • There was no witch
  • Too many filmmakers copied the style
  • People thought it was real
  • The actors weren’t famous

✔️Right Answer: People thought it was real

5. What does Carol Anne say?

  • Go into the light
  • Play with me, mommy
  • No one puts Baby in a corner
  • They’re here

✔️Right Answer: They’re here

6. Who is Kathy Bates threatening with that knife?

  • The mailman
  • A man she is obsessed with
  • Her daughter
  • Her mother

✔️Right Answer: A man she is obsessed with

7. What is the name of the house in this Vincent Price movie?

  • House of Usher
  • Manderley
  • Tara
  • Jamaica Inn

✔️Right Answer: House of Usher

8. What is Christopher Walken’s superpower in this film?

  • Flight
  • Turning into a bat
  • Psychometry
  • Talking to crows

✔️Right Answer: Psychometry

9. What movie is this from?

  • The Exorcism of Emily Rose
  • The Exorcist
  • Poltergeist
  • Rosemary’s Baby

✔️Right Answer: The Exorcist

10. What real life couple do these characters represent?

  • The Waltons
  • The Warrens
  • The Voorhees
  • The Griswolds

✔️Right Answer: The Warrens

11. Where does this movie take place?

  • Arkansas
  • West Virginia
  • Texas
  • Oklahoma

✔️Right Answer: Texas

12. What are these folks up to?

  • Celebrating May Day
  • Kidnapping small children
  • Time trave
  • lEscaping a mental hospital

✔️Right Answer: Celebrating May Day

13. What is his name?

  • Bob
  • Colin
  • Mark
  • Shaun

✔️Right Answer: Shaun

14. What are the children singing as they jump rope?

  • Ring around the Rosie
  • Peter, Peter Pumpkin Eater
  • One, Two Freddy’s Coming for You
  • Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep

✔️Right Answer: One, Two Freddy’s Coming for You

15. Who is this?

  • Dracula
  • Lord Byron
  • Lestat
  • Count Orlok

✔️Right Answer: Count Orlok

16. What comes out of the well?

  • Blood
  • A little girl
  • Jason
  • A clown

✔️Right Answer: A little girl

17. What are these children?

  • Angels
  • Ghosts
  • Demons
  • Aliens

✔️Right Answer: Aliens

18. Who is after her?

  • Jason Voorhees
  • Freddy Krueger
  • Michael Myers
  • Jigsaw

✔️Right Answer: Michael Myers

19. Who is behind the mask?

  • Video store owner
  • Average teenage boy
  • Escaped murderer
  • News reporter

✔️Right Answer: Average teenage boy

20. What is the name of this movie?

  • Child’s Play
  • Chucky
  • My Buddy
  • Children of the Damned

✔️Right Answer: Child’s Play

21. What legend is this horror movie reminiscent of?

  • Light as a feather stiff as a board
  • Bloody Mary in the mirror
  • The vanishing hitchhiker
  • The man with the golden arm

✔️Right Answer: Bloody Mary in the mirror

22. What movie is this picture of Jason from?

  • Friday the 13th
  • Friday the 13th part 2
  • Friday the 13th part 3
  • Freddy vs. The Predator

✔️Right Answer: Friday the 13th part 3

23. What role does this girl play?

  • Villain
  • Victim
  • Supernatural
  • All three

✔️Right Answer: All three

24. What was the hero’s name in the Evil Dead franchise?

  • Monty
  • Trick
  • Ash
  • Bruce

✔️Right Answer: Ash

25. What does he know?

  • What you did last summer
  • Where Sidney lives
  • Who won the 1962 World Series
  • Why Christine is haunted

✔️Right Answer: What you did last summer

26. What was Liv’s mistake?

  • She ran in heels
  • She was rude to the wrong person
  • She opened the door to strangers
  • She went into a haunted house alone

✔️Right Answer: She opened the door to strangers

27. Where does this movie take place?

  • Children’s home in Spain
  • Boarding school in England
  • Mansion in California
  • Library in New York

✔️Right Answer: Children’s home in Spain

28. What real life ghost story is this based on?

  • The Blair Witch
  • The Bell Witch
  • Lucy Hale
  • Mother Shipton

✔️Right Answer: The Bell Witch

29. Where is this house?

  • Connecticut
  • London
  • Riverdale
  • Amityville

✔️Right Answer: Amityville

30. What is Cusak’s room number in this movie about a haunted hotel?

  • 13
  • 1101
  • 1408
  • 1260

✔️Right Answer: 1408