Do you speak Millennial? In this entertaining and completely free quiz, your Millennial acronym knowledge will be put to the ultimate test! All you have to do is figure out what these letters stand for. Up for the challenge? Play now and see just how well you do!

5%. What does this acronym stand for?

  • Over my will
  • On my way
  • On my work
  • Outta my way

✔️Right Answer: On my way

10%. What does this acronym mean?

  • Fast to work
  • Forge the win
  • Follow the way
  • For the win

✔️Right Answer: For the win

15%. Can you work out this acronym?

  • How about you?
  • Hi back to you
  • How are you?
  • Here because of you

✔️Right Answer: How about you?

20%. Can you figure out this acronym?

  • Your one and only
  • You only live once
  • Your one and lucky one
  • You only love once

✔️Right Answer: You only live once

25%. What do these letters stand for?

  • Better work
  • Behind the wall
  • By the way
  • Back that way

✔️Right Answer: By the way

30%. What does this acronym mean?

  • Loaning my keys
  • Long messages kept
  • Let me know
  • Let me keep

✔️Right Answer: Let me know

35%. Can you work out this acronym?

  • Irregardless
  • In reality
  • I realize
  • In real life

✔️Right Answer: In real life

40%. TIL: Today I ____. Complete the acronym! Type the complete word below!

✔️Type Answer: Learned

45%. IMHO. Can you complete the acronym? Type your answer below!

✔️Type Answer: Humble

50%. What’s missing from this acronym? Type your answer in below!

✔️Type Answer: 5

55%. What is the opposite of this acronym? Write it down below!

✔️Type Answer: JOMO

60%. FYI: For your ____. Write the word missing from this acronym!

✔️Type Answer: Information

65%. Which letter is missing from this acronym?

✔️Type Answer: M

70%. What do these three letters stand for? Write your answer below!

✔️Type Answer: Shaking My Head

75%. What word is represented by the missing letters in this acronym? Write the full word below!

✔️Type Answer: Local

80%. Which acronym is the odd one out? Write your answer below!

✔️Type Answer: BTS

85%. Read the statement and then type your answer in below!

✔️Type Answer: SNAFU

90%. Read the statement and type your answer in below!

✔️Type Answer: TASER

95%. How many different acronyms referring directly to social media can you count? Type your number below!

✔️Type Answer: 5

100%. How many different acronyms can you spot that represent a single word? Type the number below!

✔️Type Answer: 6