You don’t have to own a cat to know everything about them.

1. Why do cats bite their nails?

  • They’re sharping their claws to hunt
  • They’re nervous or bored

✔️Right Answer: They’re nervous or bored

2. Why do cats randomly sprint?

  • Your cat needs exercise
  • Your cat wants to play with you

✔️Right Answer: Your cat needs exercise

3. What is the reason that cats love to spread out?

  • They’re comfortable
  • They’re too hot

✔️Right Answer: They’re comfortable

4. What does a hiss mean?

  • Angry and scared
  • Happy and excited

✔️Right Answer: Angry and scared

5. Why do cats sometimes potty outside of their litter box?

  • Nobody showed them where the litter box is
  • They’re mad at you

✔️Right Answer: They’re mad at you

6. Why does your cat rub its head on you?

  • They want to be pet
  • They’re proud of you

✔️Right Answer: They’re proud of you

7. Why do cats not cover up their business in the litter box?

  • Angry at their owner
  • Laziness

✔️Right Answer: Angry at their owner

8. Why does a cat smell your face?

  • Curiosity
  • To tell you they’re hungry

✔️Right Answer: Curiosity

9. What do twitchy ears mean?

  • They’re thinking about pouncing
  • Agitation

✔️Right Answer: Agitation

10. A light meow means what?

  • I’m hungry
  • Hello

✔️Right Answer: Hello

11. What does a loud meow mean?

  • I’m hungry
  • Play with me

✔️Right Answer: I’m hungry

12. Why do they sound like babies?

  • To get your attention
  • They’re imitating how you talk to them

✔️Right Answer: They’re imitating how you talk to them

13. Why do cats lay all over your things?

  • To be near you
  • To sleep

✔️Right Answer: To be near you

14. Why do they roll on the floor in front of you?

  • It’s the best way to scratch their backs
  • They want to play

✔️Right Answer: They want to play

15. What is the reason they lay on your chest for?

  • To show you they care
  • No reason at all

✔️Right Answer: No reason at all

16. Why does your cat knead it’s paws?

  • Happiness
  • Anxiousness

✔️Right Answer: Happiness

17. What does it mean when your cat show you their belly?

  • Pet me!
  • I’m tired

✔️Right Answer: Pet me!

18. Why is your cat always awake whilst you’re asleep?

  • Their instincts
  • They only ever nap

✔️Right Answer: Their instincts

19. Why do they bite?

  • No reason at all
  • They want to play, they’re bored and angry

✔️Right Answer: They want to play, they’re bored and angry

20. What is the real reason for your cat to attack your foot?

  • Playtime
  • They don’t know what it is

✔️Right Answer: Playtime

21. What is a group of cats called?

  • A Clowder
  • A Team

✔️Right Answer: A Clowder

22. What is a male cat called?

  • A Chad
  • A Tom

✔️Right Answer: A Tom

23. What can cats not taste?

  • Sweet
  • Salt

✔️Right Answer: Sweet

24. What should you not feed your cat?

  • Milk
  • Chicken

✔️Right Answer: Milk

25. What is the technical term used to describe a hairball?

  • A Keratinous Mass
  • A Bezoar

✔️Right Answer: A Bezoar

26. What is the smallest breed of cat?

  • Singapura
  • Munchkin

✔️Right Answer: Singapura

27. What is the largest breed of cat?

  • Maine Coon
  • Ragdoll

✔️Right Answer: Maine Coon

28. How many whiskers does a cat usually have?

  • 24
  • 12

✔️Right Answer: 24

29. What are the small tufts of hair inside of a cat’s ear called?

  • Hearing guards
  • Ear Furnishings

✔️Right Answer: Ear Furnishings

30. Which one of these foods is not toxic for cats?

  • Lemongrass
  • Onion

✔️Right Answer: Lemongrass

31. Where do cats sweat from?

  • Through their paws
  • Through their ears

✔️Right Answer: Through their paws

32. How long do cat’s usually live?

  • 19 Years
  • 15 Years

✔️Right Answer: 15 Years

33. What is the reason that cats love boxes?

  • They like the smell of cardboard
  • Boxes make them feel safe

✔️Right Answer: Boxes make them feel safe

34. How many teeth do adult cats have?

  • 30
  • 15

✔️Right Answer: 30

35. How many different litters of kittens can a female cat have in one year?

  • 3
  • 6

✔️Right Answer: 3

36. How many hours do cats spend sleeping each day?

  • 20
  • 14

✔️Right Answer: 14

37. Which type of cats are almost always female?

  • Grey
  • Calico

✔️Right Answer: Calico

38. What type of fish should you not feed to your cat?

  • Raw Fish
  • Salmon

✔️Right Answer: Raw Fish

39. Which part of a cat has a unique pattern?

  • Their tongues
  • Their noses

✔️Right Answer: Their noses

40. What can make cats sick?

  • Touching their paws
  • Changing their routine
Changing their routine

✔️Right Answer: Changing their routine