1. What do ordinary cars use to ignite the fuel using energy from the battery?

  • Spark Plug
  • Smart Plug

✔️Right Answer: Spark Plug

2. What is the name of the device that accumulates rotational energy?

  • The Battery
  • The Flywheel

✔️Right Answer: The Flywheel

3. What is the name of these safety features, which are very important for driving in harsh weather conditions?

  • Windbreakers
  • Windshield Wipers

✔️Right Answer: Windshield Wipers

4. These pictured components help stop your car, but do you know what they’re called?

  • Brake Pads
  • Decelerators

✔️Right Answer: Brake Pads

5. What are these pictured engine workhorses called?

  • Pistons
  • Recipocators

✔️Right Answer: Pistons

6. What is the name of this item, typically visible in a car’s interior?

  • The Bumper
  • The Emergency Hand Brake

✔️Right Answer: The Emergency Hand Brake

7. You may get a new one of these every 3,00 miles, but what is it called?

  • Oil Filter
  • De-cruder

✔️Right Answer: Oil Filter

8. What is this pictured item that sits on top of your engine?

  • Air filter
  • Honeycomb

✔️Right Answer: Air filter

9. What is the name of the springy part found beneath cars, trucks and motorcycles?

  • Vibration compensator
  • Shock absorber

✔️Right Answer: Vibration compensator

10. What sits behind the grill of this pictured car?

  • Evaporator
  • Radiator

✔️Right Answer: Radiator

11. What is the name of the pictured device?

  • The Catalytic Converter
  • The Redox Device

✔️Right Answer: The Catalytic Converter

12. What is the name of this pictured device, which changes reciprocating motion into rotational motion?

  • The Cylinder
  • The Crankshaft

✔️Right Answer: The Crankshaft

13. What are these lower headlights called?

  • De-Misters
  • Fog Lights

✔️Right Answer: Fog Lights

14. What is this device which is common on older cars, as well as new cars designed to save fuel or provide the driver with more control?

  • The Fuel Gauge
  • The Manual Transmission

✔️Right Answer: The Manual Transmission

15. What is the name of the machine that mixes air with fuel and has now been largely replaced by fuel injectors?

  • Carburetor
  • Static Pressure System

✔️Right Answer: Carburetor

16. What car part is used to check fluid levels?

  • Dipstick
  • Oil Plumb

✔️Right Answer: Dipstick

17. Which system connects an engine to it’s wheels?

  • Motion Chamber
  • Transmission

✔️Right Answer: Transmission

18. What is this item that resides behind your tires?

  • Mudflap
  • Tire Bustle

✔️Right Answer: Mudflap

19. What is the name of this bulbous part of your car’s exhaust system?

  • Suppressor
  • Muffler

✔️Right Answer: Muffler

20. What do you call this multi-coloured panel?

  • Fuse Panel
  • Circuit Breaker

✔️Right Answer: Fuse Panel

21. What is the name for the two posts that stick out of the top of your car’s battery?

  • Power Ports
  • Terminals

✔️Right Answer: Terminals

22. What is the name of this very important part of your engine?

  • Piston Arm
  • Crankshaft

✔️Right Answer: Crankshaft

23. What is the name of this key part of the vehicles ignition system?

  • The Distributor Cap
  • The Fuel Injector

✔️Right Answer: The Distributor Cap

24. What is this pictured decorative piece of your wheel called?

  • Logo Disc
  • Hubcap

✔️Right Answer: Logo Disc

25. What is the real part of the car’s anti-roll system?

  • Gyrometer
  • Sway Bar

✔️Right Answer: Sway Bar

26. Which of these is a real component of your car’s drivetrain?

  • Radial Compensator
  • Differential

✔️Right Answer: Differential

27. What do you call this part of a car?em?

  • Fender
  • Accent Wing

✔️Right Answer: Fender

28. What part of your car generates electricity?

  • Generator
  • Alternator

✔️Right Answer: Alternator

29. What is the name of this metal cage that you would often see in racing cars?

  • Safety Girder
  • Roll Cage

✔️Right Answer: Roll Cage

30. What is the name of this component that is responsible for distributing coolant throughout your entire engine?

  • Recirculator
  • Water Pump

✔️Right Answer: Water Pump

31. What is the name for the coupling that transmits rotary power by a shaft over a range of different angles?name of this key part of the vehicles ignition system?

  • The Rotary
  • The Universal Joint

✔️Right Answer: The Universal Joint

32. The pictured part, goes by what name?cles ignition system?

  • The Voltage Regulator
  • The Battery Control System

✔️Right Answer: The Voltage Regulator

33. What is the name of the device which carries and positions a wheel?

  • Control Arm
  • Wheel Link

✔️Right Answer: Control Arm

34. What is the name for the pictured link between the piston and the crankshaft?

  • The Piston Hand
  • The Connecting Rod

✔️Right Answer: The Connecting Rod

35. What is the name for the device that covers the manual clutch?

  • The Bellhousing
  • Gearbox

✔️Right Answer: The Bellhousing

36. What is the name of the pictured device, it’s necessary to start Diesel engines in cold conditions

  • The Spark Plug
  • The Glow Plug

✔️Right Answer: The Glow Plug

37. What’s the name of the component that provides both air and fuel to the cylinders?

  • Intake Manifold
  • Exhaust Manifold

✔️Right Answer: Intake Manifold

38. Which of these is the technical name for the display panel which contains the speedometer and other gauges?

  • Instrument Cluster
  • Data Panel

✔️Right Answer: Instrument Cluster

39. Which pictured part of a car’s suspension carries the hub for the wheel and attaches to the upper and lower control arms?

  • Suspender
  • Spindle

✔️Right Answer: Spindle

40. What is the name of this device?

  • Wheel Cylinder
  • Hydraulic Press

✔️Right Answer: Wheel Cylinder

41. What components are designed to provide ventilation on vehicles that use petrol?

  • The Air Flow Regulator
  • The PCV Valve

✔️Right Answer: The Air Flow Regulator