Jeopardy is one of America’s greatest game shows in television history. How many of our Jeopardy general knowledge clues can you figure out? Do you have what it takes to walk away a champ? Find out now!

3%. The category is ‘Logos’ for 800 points:

  • What is Adidas?
  • What is IMB?
  • What is Nike?
  • What is Apple?

✔️Right Answer: What is Apple?

7%. ‘Details’ for 800:

  • Where is the top?
  • Where is the bottom?
  • Where is the middle?

✔️Right Answer: Where is the top?

10%. The category is ‘Expressions’ for 800 points:

  • What is ‘to spill the beans’?
  • What is ‘drop of a hat’?
  • What is ‘cold feet’?
  • What’s a ‘cold shoulder’?

✔️Right Answer: What’s a ‘cold shoulder’?

13%. The category is ‘Islands’ for 800 points:

  • What is Fiji?
  • What is Japan?
  • What is Taiwan?
  • What is Cuba?

✔️Right Answer: What is Cuba?

17%. ‘The Sunshine State’ for 800 points:

  • What is Lake Kissimmee?
  • What is Lake George?
  • What is Lake Okeechobee?
  • What is Lake Seminole?

✔️Right Answer: What is Lake Okeechobee?

20%. Here we go! The category is ‘Details’ for 1200:

  • What is pink?
  • What is blue?
  • What is green?
  • What is white?

✔️Right Answer: What is pink?

23%. ‘Logos’ for 1200:

  • Who is Wilt Chamberlain?
  • Who is Michael Jordan?
  • Who is Jerry West?
  • Who is Bill Russell?

✔️Right Answer: Who is Jerry West?

27%. You’re on a roll! ‘Logos’ for 1600 points: The color of ‘Fed’ in ‘FedEx’.

  • What is red?
  • What is orange?
  • What is purple?
  • What is blue?

✔️Right Answer: What is purple?

30%. The category is ‘Logos’ for 800 points:

  • 1200
  • 600
  • 400
  • 800

✔️Right Answer: 1200

33%. Here’s the clue:

  • What is ‘horse’?
  • What is ‘door’?
  • What is ‘blue’?
  • What is ‘sky’?

✔️Right Answer: What is ‘blue’?

37%. The category is ‘The Sunshine State’ for 1200 points:

  • What is Tampa?
  • What is Pensacola?
  • What is Key West?
  • What is St. Augustine?

✔️Right Answer: What is St. Augustine?

40%. ‘Islands’ for 1200: The Galapagos Islands belong to this country.

  • What is Spain?
  • What is Panama?
  • What is Argentina?
  • What is Ecuador?

✔️Right Answer: What is Ecuador?

43%. ‘Islands` for 1600: The location of this sunset view.

  • Where is New Zealand?
  • Where are the Faroe Islands?
  • Where is Greenland?
  • Where is Iceland?

✔️Right Answer: Where is Greenland?

47%. ‘Logos’ for 2000 points:

  • What is Fanta?
  • What is Baskin Robbins?
  • What is Dr. Pepper?
  • What is Ben and Jerry’s?

✔️Right Answer: What is Baskin Robbins?

50%. ‘Details’ for 2000 points:

  • What is $486.52?
  • What is $579.01?
  • What is $222.22?
  • What is $398.24?

✔️Right Answer: What is $486.52?

53%. The category is ‘Islands’! The flag of this island:

  • What is Nauru?
  • What is Malta?
  • What is East Timor?
  • What is the Philippines?
  • What is the Republic of Maldives?
  • What is Niue?

✔️Right Answer: What is the Republic of Maldives?

57%. ‘Expressions’ for 2000 points:

  • What is ‘turn turtle’?
  • What is ‘neck and neck’?
  • What is ‘sacred cow’?
  • What is ‘thick as thieves’?

✔️Right Answer: What is ‘thick as thieves’?

60%. ‘Expressions’ once again:

  • What is doolally?
  • What is doorknob?
  • What is bibbety?
  • What is shophop?

✔️Right Answer: What is doolally?

63%. ‘The Sunshine State’ for 2000 points! The birthplace of this actress:

  • Where is Ocala, Florida?
  • Where is Bascom, Florida?
  • Where is West Palm Beach, Florida?
  • Where is Jacksonville, Florida?

✔️Right Answer: Where is Bascom, Florida?

67%. The category is ‘Islands’ for 2000 points: These birds are native to this island.

  • Where is Japan?
  • Where is Hawaii?
  • Where is Australia?
  • Where is New Zealand?

✔️Right Answer: Where is Hawaii?

70%. The category is ‘Logos’! Type your answer below. Remember to use a question!

✔️Type Answer: Who is Philo?

73%. The category is ‘Islands’! The name of this city that appears on a culturally rich island.

✔️Type Answer: What is Colombo?

77%. The category is ‘The Sunshine State’! The name of this animal.

✔️Type Answer: What is a manatee?

80%. The category is ‘Islands’! This island, where insects, once believed to be extinct, were rediscovered. You answer: ‘What is _______?’

✔️Type Answer: What is Ball’s Pyramid?

83%. The category is ‘The Sunshine State’! This person, who was born in Florida! You answer: ‘Who is _______?’

✔️Type Answer: Who is Darrell Hammond?

87%. The category is ‘Logos’! This city, which also appears in the name of the product that is produced there! Make sure to type your answer in the form of a question!

✔️Type Answer: What is Bern?

90%. The category is ‘Details’! The number of differences between these two images:

✔️Type Answer: What is 12?

93%. Category is ‘The Sunshine State’! The number of Floridian cities in this word search:

✔️Type Answer: What is 7?

97%. Final Jeopardy! The category is ‘Odd One Out’. How many points do you want to wager?

  • 1600
  • 1000
  • 1200
  • 800
  • 600
  • 400

✔️Right Answer: 1600

100%. Final Jeopardy! The letter that is the odd one out.

  • What is ‘E’?
  • What is ‘B’?
  • What is ‘A’?
  • What is ‘D’?
  • What is ‘C’?

✔️Right Answer: What is ‘C’?