Daily Crossword Puzzle Quiz. A crossword a day keeps slowness at bay. Can you solve all these crosswords? All you have to do is type your answer in below! Let’s give your brain a workout!

1. Let’s start easy! Black and white bear-like animal, native to China. Two letters have been done for you already. Scroll down and fill in the WHOLE 5-Letter word.

✔️Right Answer: Panda

2. Do you know the capital of Greece? Two letters have been filled out for you. Write the WHOLE word below!

✔️Right Answer: Athens

3. Ohh, a picture clue for you! What breed of dog is this? Fill in the word below!

✔️Right Answer: Husky

4. Which sport are we looking for here?

✔️Right Answer: hockey

5. Famous US landmark starting with “Mount”. Type it in!

✔️Right Answer: rushmore

6. A sports venue.

✔️Right Answer: Arena

7. A type of monkey! Surely you know this one. Write it in below!

✔️Right Answer: Chimpanzee

8. A type of cheese! Write the WHOLE word below!

✔️Right Answer: Bree

9. Movie starring Al Pacino!

✔️Right Answer: scarface

10. American actor, last name “Phoenix”.

✔️Right Answer: River

11. What could this be? And how do you spell it?

✔️Right Answer: edamame

12. Polynesian Dance

✔️Right Answer: hula

13. High School Musical set in the 1950s.

✔️Right Answer: Grease

14. The Arctic is the smallest what?

✔️Right Answer: OCEAN

15. French classical composer, first name “Claude”

✔️Right Answer: Debussy

16. What type of food are we looking at here?

✔️Right Answer: Samosa

17. Synonym of frighten:

✔️Right Answer: Startle

18. An opera solo is a what?

✔️Right Answer: Aria

19.VERSION 1. A protein-rich seed.

✔️Right Answer: quinoa

19.VERSION 2. A city on the coast of Croatia with origins in the 9th-century BC.

✔️Right Answer: Zadar

19.VERSION 3. To be surprised or confused.

✔️Right Answer: Nonplussed

19.VERSION 4. The process of releasing strong emotions. Scroll down and fill it in!

✔️Right Answer: catharsis

20.VERSION 1. To be full of energy and enthusiasm is to be _____ !

✔️Right Answer: exuberant

20.VERSION 2. A very large rodent.

✔️Right Answer: Capybara

20.VERSION 3. One of the smallest lexical items in a language.

✔️Right Answer: Morpheme

20.VERSION 4. A type of shape!

✔️Right Answer: rhombus

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