Complete the Logo Quiz. If you’re a connoisseur of brands, this fun visual quiz is for you! Can you pick the correct pieces to complete these iconic logos?

2. Half of this famous logo of an international computer company is missing. Which of the images below completes it?

3. Can you pick the real face of the colonel?

4. This logo is lacking a splash of colour. Can you pick the correct one?

5. Pick the correct piece to add a name to the golden arches!

6. Although delayed by one year, the Tokyo Olympic Games are still officially branded as “2020”. Can you make the logo whole again?

8. Can you unite the logo of this parcel service with its missing part?

9. Which icon completes the logo of this legendary sports car manufacturer?

10. Can you give this two-tailed mermaid a face?

11. You’ve probably seen this iconic logo countless times. But is your memory detailed enough for you to fill in the blank?

12. O là là! This famous logo symbolises style and elegance. Can you complete it?

13. Legend has it that the central part of this logo represents a propeller. But which is the correct one?

14. This logo is obviously UNcomplete (get it?) – can you add the proper seal to the laurel wreath?

15. Can you make Costco a WHOLEsale again?

17. Which one is the correct piece to solve this jigsaw puzzle?

18. Visa is everywhere you want to be – but where’s the V?

20. Can you fill in the square to make the cube complete?