Play our fun and free American puzzle game by choosing the right piece to complete some of the most iconic scenes taken from the United States! Take a close look and try not to let these impressive landscapes distract you. So what are you waiting for?

5%. Welcome to the Big Apple! Can you choose the correct puzzle piece?

10%. The glitz and glam of Hollywood! Can you complete this picture?

15%. Can you choose the right piece to complete Mount Rushmore?

20%. Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas! Can you choose the right puzzle piece?

25%. Can you complete this American marvel?

30%. The majestic Grand Canyon! Which piece fits here?

35%. Can you find the right piece to complete Hoover Dam?

40%. Can you complete St. Louis’s elegant Gateway Arch?

45%. Choose the correct piece and complete the Alamo!

50%. Can you complete this beautiful picture of our nation’s capital?

55%. Can you complete this tranquil lighthouse scene?

60%. See if you can you complete New York City’s Guggenheim Museum!

65%. Can you complete Philadelphia’s Independence Hall?

70%. Can you find the perfect piece to complete this stunning image of Utah’s Arches National Park?

75%. Can you complete this colorful Yellowstone hot spring?

80%. Can you complete this charming New England scene?

85%. Find the right puzzle piece to complete this lush Louisiana picture!

90%. Aloha from Hawaii! Can you complete this breathtaking picture of one of Hawaii’s most beautiful beaches?

95%. Can you complete this picture of Niagara Falls?

100%. Stalactites and stalagmites galore! Choose the right piece to complete this picture of Carlsbad Caverns!